I'm in a bus.
On a road.
Without headphones.


Beneath the Windowsill

I live remembering,
A far too contented life
As paint beneath a windowsill
On the bottom of the mad hatter’s shoe

Windowsill's aware
Paint’s temporary
Stepping, dancing
Paint will peel.
Eventually I’ll be no more

Beneath the windowsill
On the bottom of the mad hatter’s shoe.

“Everything’s fine” she told me with her eyes
The windowsill
She knew my destiny
She's played this game

I knew
I knew I knew not what
Only that she did not know
Know my 1-2-3 and I feel therefore…

That color…the one I have
Nothing comes to mind
The bottom of the mad hatter’s shoe
Makes mirrors impossible

Made truly of liquid stuff
I’ll be printed all across the floor
Plainly unaware of how incredibly vast
The extension of my paint could reach

Panicked! Peeled off the floor, off the shoe
Sticking to the 1-2-3
The very last time
The first and final panic for paint
That’s not the purpose of paint!

Life to live all the while
For whom?

Told the windowsill I love her
Her color that could be mine
Her “Everything’s fine”

She’s all aching eyes
All “Knowledge” calls out
She and me are aching eyes

And the rest is a memory
The instant spent
Beneath the windowsill
On the bottom of the mad hatter’s shoe

The blessed shoe had the feeling
Like a playhouse
An invention from a childish soup kitchen
In God’s city

And you want to laugh at something like that


Death of a Baker, Life of a Hound

Tipsy on one step
Forward and back
Legs apart balance
Brain on a crepe
Gravity attack
Last chance

Delicate crisp
French pancake lover
Of mine and yours
Falls. A hopeless wisp
Betrays in hover
The gravitational whores

But so does the dog
Make the midair snatch
For midair snacking
Depriving that hog
Of the pancake catch.
Hog: sent packing.


Peace and Love, or death from above

"Freedom was attacked Today..."
If only words could wash away
The biggest lie
Did freedom die?
And bigger still
That freedom will
Or can, at that
...the silly twat...

"...and Freedom will be defended."
Not a good idea is it
To have no idea of that idea)
Unended. At least he tried?
He didn't, no, he never was.
Tried, with reason.

We were under no real threat of tyranny,
For Freedom
(did I imagine your lies? Of course I did.)
for our freedom
Code for killing, dear George,
And your code for vengeance.

A concept like a baby,
From conception, we agree.

Freedom is not born of you
But you of it
You scare me, George!
A baby is very much like a President
A President is very much like you
You are very much like
Misappropriational Freedom Freedom

Convenient concept?
For you.
Because freedom comes
It comes with certain...oops
...well... you get the idea

What about...
It also comes with Agility.
Telekenesis! But sometimes Prosthesis.
With a bit of a thrill.
Like a veto on an oxygen bill (crush and snort)

I'm a baby too. Poke fun, at you?
And that's the moment you're at your best.
Did you pass the test?


Tell me, what is balls?

Though I’d much rather you
Complement me
For taking so long to acquiesce
Life as we know it
Is even affirmed
By the acceptance of your creed


Film Alley

Our concept of an eye
Full well looking
Lord knows
Where all that fullness is...
But what have we seen?

Is the eye, another than the eye?
Your eye, one of the eyes?
Oh poorest. Do you have eyes and yet not see?

The camera is recording, for someone to see
But without the person, we alter
Without cause

You must remember the human being
Or he will be forgotten by celluloid and digitalia
Forgotten in paper

The words ... not forgotten in words

I feel it prudent to mention the very existence
(of the landscape)
You can't feel something prudent anymore
I wonder why that is

It's unprofessional

See for yourself


Are we not children? Undefeated?

We are in the age
Of information
But that is all one
I will sing of the sun

A rise and set
But that is all one
I will sing of the nun

A parson or page
Some speculation
But that is all one
I will sing of the Son

Mysterious sage
Is worthy to know
The further you go
You walk and he glows

Reverend reveres
And so we shall follow
Him to follow
He that follows

Not at a glimpse
Nor ever at hollow
Him to follow
He that follows
From He that is Light
No chance for flight

And would you fight
To hide from light
You are not worthy
Or do not know
Blessed is he
Or she who believes
And still has not seen


Ten American Moviemakers of Choice

1. Stanley Kubrick
2. Woody Allen
3. Paul Thomas Anderson
4. Spike Jonze
5. Orson Welles
6. Martin Scorsese
7. David Lynch
8. Frank Capra
9. Charlie Chaplin
10. David Cronenberg

with strong regards to Ed Harris, Quentin Tarantino, John Huston, Clint Eastwood, Joel Coen, Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderberg, Robert Altman, Alexander Payne, Buster Keaton, Ethan Coen, Jim Jarmusch, John Ford, Howard Hawks, Christopher Guest, George Clooney, Francis Ford Coppola, and Billy Wilder.


Stock footage

Stock footage of the nipple of an insect
Captured your voyage perfectly at the time
Happiness and place were absolute


Inside of a carpenter's box
Sweating out of my cheeks
Grumbling like a hound
Feeling like a small chip of bacon
Deciding whether to drink wine
I just brushed my teeth

I'll drink water, wash that toothpaste out
Poison and I are acclimated at this point
Coffee or Cigarettes, you name it
I'm figuring out what this butter knife is doing
Sitting next to my computer with a serrated edge
I used it to stir my tea

Gathering my thoughts I recall that I sit here
My thoughts are interrupted by a siren
Why does the siren always seem to call for me
Writing way too fast

Seven ages ago. That was 15. This is 22.
I miss twenty. I wrote freely and innocently at 20.
I lied about my innocence at 22, but the memory remained clean.
Ah, good riddance.
Let failures rouch themselves off to the plains to die.

Investing crackers into my mouth


To Orson Welles

To George Welles, who fell before he was born I write,
We barely missed a chance to know one another,
But there was never a chance. I should be
As free as you,
I think sadly that I very well may be exactly.
And you were too. As free as you were. You had to know that
"Power" is only temporary, but your freedom remains.

Who sings your name now? But how many times they sing. Whenever they sing, you twist, you twist their song. Who could have given you enough money to make your masterpiece?

I am not you... you, the man of great artistry.
You are so full-chested
In all your roles
Oh evenheaded
Dead or alive
So uneven

Not always the best final products but ever the instinct,
Inventing in order to tell.
Don't fuck with my editing. You fuck with my editing,
and you are a douchebag without a name who makes me look like you, Hollywood.

You have taught me nothing
I could not have learned from any of the great films
Following yours, American Mercury.
An American hungarian...
a Frenchman!
And an painter in Ireland, supporting yourself
Leaving paintings in the houses where you stayed...

Cut off by your drinking and, of course, your gen... and, absolutely, by Hollywood. Was it wrong for RKO to give so much to one man?
Did he do wrong to his office by accepting? Did he not succeed?

Your subsequent failures are your greatest credits.
All in images.

(I wish that Hollywood had been better to you)

I like Mr. Arkadin, the film itself (images, baby!)
The lead actor's a bit of a bore.

Always a fan, loved the wine commercial.

Keep in touch,



The last drive of its kind

Jitter bug song
Candle weeps
Head burns
Rummed out
To the stem


Cost to Direct Fitness

Sometimes a mind reader
She's judging
I'm pretty sure

She'll happily dismiss me

Because I'm pretty sure
But I can always make a move



I am somebody

She likes that about me
And I happen to know
It's my best quality


Criticism is bullshit
You tell them
What you saw


Drumming out parcels of peach pie
Cones upon cones and children are content
for a little while


George W(ashington) Bush

Hicksville dope outsmarts
The general populace
And we're still on top?


We were not a beacon on a hill
Afford yourself the opportunity to try
Treat anybody as if he were your very own person, and you he
Muslims most especially

Christians most especially

Jews most especially
Philosophers especially
Janitors most especially
Plumbers most especially
Hookers most especially
Policemen most especially
Children most especially
Moneylenders in particular
The French most especially
The Iranians most especially
Russians are the very best
And I haven't even gotten to Americans yet

I find it prudent, also, to mention (though I risk annihilation) that Koreans beat even Texas

When it comes

to Barbeque...

In other words: I HEART Korea(n Barbeque)!

(I was risking annihilation from the Texan. Barbeque from Texas is a mmmmmatter of great pride - num num)

... (he has made peace with the Mexican, has he not?)


So what?

The wiliest of all wiles inside
Made the point serenely
One at a time


Do not topple yourself with verse
Verse - it isn't even hardly
It's more like a list
Of harmless grains
You might find in a fourth grade schoolbook

Not a pretty picture
Jacarandas stink
Life moves on
People die and so forth
News to me
News to you
Good news
The good news

Poetry will not save you
But you can save poetry

All you have to do is sneeze three times
and say
there's no place
like home


Meeting people to eat
The people of Mexico
I want to go home
Lollipop does just fine
Nothing in the middle
And I have to bite
I haven't read anything
For a long time

Shave myself good
Damn fine
Somebody swallow me

I never could think that way
Got no problem talking
Popular possum
Play yourself
You're pretty good at that
Did you know?


Do you understand a Shakespeare of a bloke
A man looking for some kind of love
Writer no doubt
Sometimes you don't know how a person's work
Can Be anything other than something that hooks them
Early on
Until they don't know they are doing it anymore
It should be something you love
It should be what you love
Lusioned much with love
I lay a centipede awake
On my desk
The centipede takes off it's several boots
And stays a while
Calling itself Faith


found halfwit

over the counter
furious abstruseness mistaken
for an impetunosity
for blabbermouth


A Student Sitting

Who's rude
When you walk right past
And I'm stoned and I'm silent

Purple hair
Take up the girl
Who knows me and my position

I think too much
Somebody knows me thinking
Fortunate unfortunate

Cross-legged bear interrupted
The lecture begins
And it's time to turn the page


Just because we are the greatest country in the world does not mean, automatically, that we are its greatest people. It is the call to do good and behave righteously in the face of freedom itself that makes our country the very finest, but our country, our land, is so much more than we can be, though we never had the grace to see it. So take up your grace as you take up a mountain.


Love and Forgive

Who opened the door
To that redhead

Licorice afternoon drinking
On the park bench next to your
Favorite park bench

A curtain will do just fine
But the stage should be hidden somehow



Was a baby born? (Did you take care of it? and love help me and Jesus help me)